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The learner studying this unit standard will develop basic practical instrument ability which includes the voice as an instrument.
Learners accredited with this Unit Standard will be capable of:

  • Demonstrating knowledge of chosen instrument.
  • Demonstrating technical skills on the chosen instrument.
  • Performing on chosen instrument.
  • Playing sight reading on chosen instrument.

Course Duration

  • 150 Hours


  • Pen / Pencil
  • Blank Paper
  • Music Manuscript Paper
  • Instrument Worksheet
  • Preferably a Piano / Keyboard


The unit standard is core and forms part of the qualification, learning assumed to be in place assists towards this standard.

Learners accredited with this Unit Standard will be capable of:

  • Using music notation.
  • Specifying time signatures.
  • Recognising key signatures and constructing scales.
  • Recognising and writing chords and chord progressions.
  • This unit standard will contribute to the development of a learner in within the music field by providing recognition,
  • further mobility and transportability within the field of music. The skills, knowledge and understanding demonstrated
  • within this unit standard are essential for creating a solid foundation in the field of music.

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